24 Hours without a single frame breaker

Autosurf-uk is proud to celebrate the success of our new frame-breaker detection. How does it work? Well a member of staff watches autosurf-uk through out the day and when a frame breaks the log shows the last site loaded for a user before the user stopped surfing, so we can immediately check the site that was on screen when surfing terminated to see if the user choose to stop surfing or if the frame broke.


We implemented the system 48 hours ago, on day 1 we detected and removed 11 frame breakers and 14 sites with pop-ups and URL Rotators. This led to us having a solid 24 hours without a frame break occurring. So some of you are wondering how is it a frame breaker even passes our site security in the first place, as many of you have seen them on a wide range of autosurf sites, well put simply, people upload sites and they pass verification and once there site is live they add the frame breaker code, this then allowed them to go days possibly even weeks breaking frame without being detected stealing thousands of hits from the surf network.




Thankfully at autosurf-uk these